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Our SSD based cloud environment features self healing technology designed to keep the cloud perpetually aloft.

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What you'll get
Server Configurations
  • Domains Subdomains Parked Domains FTP Accounts Email Accounts Databases 100 Mbps Port Speed HostV Cloud Command Panel FFMpeg PHP5 & MySQL5 Installed ServerGuard Security 24x7 Premium Support 99.9% Uptime Guarantee FREE Firewall Protection FREE Account Migrations No Hidden Fees

    • Powerful and Reliable

      Our cloud features fully redundant grid computing architecture with self healing technology. Each cloud based VPS is powered by Kernel Virtual Machine (KVM) virtualization technology. KVM is a hardware virtualization technology, that emulates hardware to your (VPS) instance, providing a fully virtualized environment and a wider range of supported operating systems. All RAM, disk and processor resources are completely dedicated meaning they are always available when needed.

    • High Security

      All Cloud VPS instances are safeguarded by an enterprise grade Storage Area Network (SAN) that provides data integrity. Each storage cluster on our cloud is setup in pairs with real time replication and hot fail-over capabilities. If a failure ever takes place, your data will begin serving from the standby unit seamlessly with no danger to your data. Each storage group also uses RAID-50 protected arrays to handle drive failures with no downtime. We go a step further and provide off-cloud daily backups of all Cloud VPS instances. ClamAV is our antivirus tool of choice and is installed by default on all of our servers.

    • Free cPanel

      Use cPanel, the most popular hosting management interface for free with all Cloud accounts.

    • Scalability

      Reboot free upgrades allow you to expand your cloud space with ease.

    • No Long-term Contracts Required

      Pay month-to-month, or save money with a long-term commitment.

    • Free 24/7/365 Support

      Export support is available whenever you need it — at no additional charge.

    • Free migration assistance

      In almost all circumstances, we can help move your OS instance and data over from other Onapp,, Xen or KVM based environments.

    • Remote Control

      Take control over your cloud with our powerful remote interface.

    • Enterprise Hardware

      Our Cloud hardware nodes are each powered by twin Intel Xeon Hex (6) Core processors at 2.5Ghz w/HyperThreading for a total of 24 CPU Cores per hardware node providing a lightning fast processing platform for your demanding applications. Each hardware node also boasts an enormous 96GB of high speed DDR3 memory. Our 10Gbit Storage Area Network (SAN) is powered by Solid State Drives (SSD) in RAID-50 allowing for extremely high performance, both in raw throughput and in/out operations per second (iops.)

    • Robust Datacenter

      Our servers are housed in SAS70 Type II certified datacenters with more than 250Gbps of tier 1 transit. All of our data centers feature physical on-site security, redundant switches, routers, power systems, fire suppression systems and full climate control. Our entire network benefits from 24/7 monitoring, multiple tier 1 bandwidth providers and an overlay network to deliver your data to your visitors via the speediest, least congested route at any given point in time! Our unique SSD caching technology reduces server loads and improves page load times.

    • Free On-Demand Backups

      Backup snapshots can be taken at anytime and up to two snapshots can be retained for free. Snapshots can be converted to templates for rapid instance deployment or disaster recovery. All servers have backup hardware and components on-site to cover even the remotest chance of hardware failure, and to ensure that we can resolve any network issues as quickly as possible.

    • Guaranteed Uptime

      Our solid SLA guarantees 99.9% uptime. All our facilities have networks designed to be resilient to denial of service attacks, are equipped with advanced network intrusion prevention systems, employ the latest networking technologies such as edge IPv6 support and feature redundant cabinet uplink & switching paths.

    Additional Extras:

    • » $5/month per GB Extra RAM
    • » $0.75/month per GB Extra Storage
    • » $10/month per Core CPU Core
    • » $15/month VIP CPU Priority
    • » $15/month VIP IOPS (+500 IOPS)
    • » $2/month Additional IPs
    • » $39.95/year SSL Certificate
    • » $3/month Softaculous Installer
    • » $3/month Ksplice
    • » $5/month R1soft Backups
  • Skip the queue: Configure your own server in under five minutes.

    Our new Cloud VPS environment lets you select and install your own server configuration in just a few minutes. There’s no need to be a trained server administrator when all you need to do is select the configuration you want from our template library - it’s that simple. Each configuration has been tested and is equipped with everything you need.

    Templates with a Control Panel

    The following templates come equipped with popular control panels. Licensing fees may apply to certain templates.

    Virtualmin / Webmin
    cPanel Logo Plesk Logo Virtualmin logo
    CloudLinux Server 6.5 x64 cPanel, WHM CentOS 6.5 x64 Plesk CentOS 6.5 x64

    Supported Template Library:

    CentOS logo
    • CentOS 6.5 x64 cPanel (PHP5.3 MySQL5.1)
    • CentOS 6.5 x64 cPanel FFMPEG (PHP5.3 MySQL5.1)
    • CentOS 6.5 x64 cPanel (PHP5.4 MySQL5.5)
    • CentOS 6.5 x64 cPanel Nginx (PHP5.4 MySQL5.5)
    • CentOS 6.5 x64 LAMP (PHP5.4 MySQL5.5)
    • CentOS 6.5 x64 LEMP (PHP5.5 MySQL5.5)
    • CentOS 6.5 x64 WordPress LEMP (PHP5.5 MySQL5.5)
    • CentOS 6.5 x64 WordPress LEMP (PHP5.4 MySQL5.5)
    • CentOS 6.5 x64 Minimal
    • CentOS 6.5 x64 Plesk11*
    CloudLinux logo
    • CloudLinux Server 6.4 x64 Plesk11*
    • CloudLinux Server 6.4 x64 cPanel*
    • CloudLinux Server 6.4 x64 LAMP*
    Debian Linux logo
    • Debian 6.0 LAMP x64
    • Debian 6.0 x64
    • Debian 7.0 x64
    Fedora logo
    • Fedora 18 x64
    • Fedora 19 x64
    FreeBSD logo
    • FreeBSD 10 x64
    • FreeBSD 9.2 x64
    • PfSense 2.1.2 x64
    Gentoo logo
    • Gentoo 11.2 x64
    • Gentoo 12.1 x64
    OpenSUSE logo
    • openSUSE 12.1 x64
    Ubuntu Linux logo
    • Ubuntu 12.04 x64
    • Ubuntu 12.04 LAMP x64
    • Ubuntu 12.10 x64
    • Ubuntu 13.04 x64
    • Ubuntu 13.04 x64
    • Ubuntu 14.04 x64
    Windows logo
    • Windows 2008 R2 Web Edition x64*
    • Windows 2008 R2 Standard Edition x64*
    • Windows 2012 R2 Standard Edition x64*
    * Indicates configurations that require the purchase of a separate license.
  • Not all hosting is created equal. Here's how our Cloud VPS compares to our competitors. Any and all other brand names are trademarks of their respective owners. All prices, plans and options listed are what has been publicly disclosed by the relevant companies, as of May, 2013.

    HostV logoHostV Rackspace Liquid Web (mt)
    Total Price per month $60 $87.60 $90.00 $100
    Fully SSD Cloud yes no no no
    CPU 4 2 1 not specified
    RAM 4 2 1.7 2
    Storage 60 SSD 80 HDD 150 HDD 50 HDD
    Bandwidth 2000 Extra cost: $0.12/GB/mo 5000 1500
    Dedicated IP 2 1 not specified 1
    Fully Managed yes not specified not specified not specified
    cPanel yes not specified not specified no
    Live Chat Support yes yes yes yes
    Phone Support yes yes yes yes